Due to its uniqueness, the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. A finely meshed water network of rivers and canals branches out over a total length of about 1000 km. Every year thousands of tourists enjoy the uniqueness of this landscape with its diverse flora and fauna.

Cycling and hiking tours

Discover the biosphere reserve "Spreewald" by bike or on foot on well-signposted hiking and cycling trails with a total length of 1200 km.

Water hiking with paddle boat or barge

Enjoy the beauty and nativeness of the Spreewald on numerous water hiking routes.

Excursions and experiences

Many other possibilities such as carriage rides, horseback riding, jogging, skating, Nordic walking, as well as excursions in the immediate vicinity, for example to the Slavenburg Raddusch or the mighty open-cast mining areas. The Spreewald is also a good fishing area, as you can see. This carp of 5kg was caught directly at our jetty. No, it did not land in the kitchen, but swims again in the Leineweberfließ.

Burg the feel-good place in the Spreewald

Fancy a dip in the Dead Sea? In one of the most idyllic landscapes in Germany, 100 km south of Berlin, lies the spa town of Burg (Spreewald) with its healing springs. It owes its title to the iodine-rich thermal brine extracted from a depth of 1350 metres. This is so richly mineralised that it can compete with the water of the Dead Sea. Burg thus offers health-oriented visitors an exceptional opportunity to get to know "the Dead Sea" and its benefits.

The cultural calendar is also richly filled with traditional and unusual events every year. Of course, the centuries-old customs of the Wends and Sorbs and their fascinating legendary figures play an important role. Another highlight is the "Spreewald Legend Night" at the Bismarck Tower. Every year at Whitsun.

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Overview map

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